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2017-Annual meeting of China biogas successful ending


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2017-Annual meeting of China biogas successful ending

2017 annual meeting of China biogas Sino German biogas forum held in Beijing in October 18, 2017, and join the 15th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digistion in the form of chapters.( Short for AD15 Conference).

Environment Policy

Measures for classified management of municipal solid waste in Zhejiang (Draft for comments)

In order to realize the municipal solid waste reduction, resource, harmless, improve the ecological environment, protect the public health, promote the sustainable development of economy society. Zhejiang prvince legislative affairs office is fully listening to the relevant departments on the basis of fully listening to the opinions of the relevant departments and relevant company, and formed the Measures for classified management of municipal solid waste in Zhejiang (Draft for comments). details consultant

Biogas News


Zhejiang Wenzhou first food waste harmless treatment plant in Tangxia more than 300 restaurants signed daily treatment of waste food 8 tons

In recent years, people's awareness of environmental protection has been increasing, and the related industries which are improving the environment and reducing pollution are also rising quickly. Food waste harmless treatment is one of them. The reporter learned from the Tangxia town, since March of this year tangxia town destroy the V water battle and Introduce the first harmless treatment plant for food waste. After more than half a year of operation, now there are more than 300 Tangxia restaurants have been signed, daily processing 8 tons of food waste, fujina sanmen city,leqing furong town and other places have come to visit and learn. details consultant


Beijing Enterprises Water Group and Yixing municipal government signed 6 billion 700 million rural pollution and pipe network PPP project

On October 20, 2017, Beijing Enterprises Water Group and Yixing municipal government signed 6 billion 700 million.

rural pollution and pipe network PPP project formal signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Yixing municipal Party committee secretary Shen Jian, the Jiangsu provincial housing department deputy director Chen Haodong, Yixing mayor Zhang Lijun Liu Yamin, director of the Standing Committee, CPPCC Chairman Mei Zhonghua, deputy mayor He Xiaojin, vice mayor Ma Zhong, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, director of bureau of public affairs Qian Weixing, vice chairman of Beijing Enterprises Water Group deputy general manager of Beijing Enterprises Water Group chairman of the board of directors Li Yongcheng, party secretary Jin Feng, executive director and CEO Li Li. Li Mugang, deputy director of the Secretariat of the Beijing Enterprises Group Co external Committee, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Cui Jian, vice president of construction director Wang Jianli attended the signing ceremony. details condultant

Municipal waste

Total amount of about 780 million yuan, Everbright International access to the two phase of Yixing waste power generation project

On October 13, 2017, Hongkong China Everbright International Co., Ltd.( Everbright International) or corporation readily announce the corporation signed supplementary agreement on franchise agreements with Jiangsu Yixing public utilities administration. invest and construct the waste power generation projects (The second phase of Yixing project), invest about RMB 780 million yuan. details consultant


Bo Tian environment win the bidding of 230 million wastewater treatment utilization project

Bo Tian Environment Group Co. Ltd issued a notice on October 10th, our company win the bid for Ningdong mine area mine water and coal chemical wastewater treatment and utilization project. The total price is 234.9056222 million yuan. It is understood that the project includes mine water, coal chemical wastewater pretreatment, concentration and salt separation, evaporate crystallization treatment unit. After treatment of mine water and coal chemical wastewater, concentration, salt separation and evaporation crystallization treatment. the production water recycled, product salt sale to achieve zero discharge of industrial wastewater. details consultant


The Largest biomass energy project in North settled in Shandong

Recently, the Largest biomass energy project in North settled in Shandong nancun town. Every year can produce over 6.6 million cubic meters of natural gas. More than 22 thousand tons of solid organic fertilizer and 20 thousand tons more biogas fertilizer.

Biomass energy, as a renewable energy, has been favored by the market in recent years. China is also strongly supporting the development of related industries. Biomass energy industry is expected to gain accelerated momentum continuously. Nearly 200 billion of the market, biomass power generation and heating areas are attracting more capital into the market .


BBS China International Summit Forum on biomass energy and utilization in 2018

Meeting Time:19th -20th April, 2018

Meeting PlaceShanghai ,China

Meeting Linkdetails consultant

The 19th China Environmental Exhibition in 2018

Meeting Time3rd -5th May, 2018

Meeting PlaceShanghai, China

Meeting Linkdetails consultant

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