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The fourth session of the landfill leachate treatment forum at Dalian completely closing


Company News

The fourth session of the landfill leachate treatment forum at Dalian completely closing

The fourth session of the Landfill Leachate Treatment Forum was successfully held in Dalian, Liaoning Province, from 21 to 22 September 2017. Environtec was invited to attend the meeting.

Environment Policy

Heavy state issued by the State Council "environmental monitoring reform to improve the quality of monitoring comments"

Xinhua News Agency in Beijing, on September 21 (Xinhua), the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Environmental Monitoring and Improving the Quality of Environmental Monitoring comments, and issued a notice that all areas and departments with the actual condition earnestly executed.

Biogas News


Tianjin municipal government issued Tianjin illegal cooking oil treatment project

It is reported that the Tianjin Municipal People's Government issued Tianjin llegal cooking oil treatment project. Put forward the "in accordance with the" territorial government responsible for the total, department performs supervision and management responsibilities. Production management is the first responsible person "of the principle, insist control the source of raw materials and oil processing and management as the key point,  severely punish " illegal cooking oil " illegal acts. Establish long-term governance mechanism as an important means to strengthen the source of governance, strict supervision and law enforcement.


Wuhan 1400 tons per day waste sludge turning waste into treasure

Following Hanxi treatment equipment put into operation successfully, ADB's third phase of sludge disposal project came with good news, sanjingtan plant, huangjianghu sludge disposal treatment plant equipment and Civil tender work has been completed. currently carrying out civil construction, foundation and other construction. ADB's third phase sludge disposal treatment incuuded Huangjiahu waste water treatment plant Comprehensive utilization of sludge and ancillary project, sanjingtan waste water treatment plant Comprehensive utilization of sludge and ancillary project, R & D center equipment and transport vehicles.details consultant

Municipal waste

Ningbo living waste disposal fee research project started

September 14th, Ningbo City Price Bureau, Ningbo City living waste distribution management center, E20 environmental platform Jointly held a "Ningbo City, living waste disposal charge mechanism project start meeting. The meeting discuss Ningbo City carry out the classification of living waste disposal charge research, it Launched effective discussion, the results were significant. With the ending of the meeting, it ndicates that the Ningbo municipal living waste classification disposal charge research officially start. details consultant


Xinao environmental protection and Tianjing Huangpu Salinization held Equity contract signing ceremony

September 15th, Xinao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to Xinao Environmental Protection ) and Tianjing Huangpu Salinization engineering technology co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to Huangpu Salinization ) , In the xinao environmental protection headquarters, at Langfang held a signing ceremony of equity cooperation. Xinao Environmental Protection general manager Gaojihua, general engineer Leming, CFO Zhangqifeng, Tianjing huangpu Salinization general manager Chenxia, general engineer Chenli and other Relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony. Xinao Environmental Protection general manager Gaojihua and Tianjing huangpu Salinization general manager Chenxia representive each side Signed the agreement. Through the equity cooperation, further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, and achieve complementary advantages and mutual development target. details consultant


Environmental atmosphere strong Ecological aquaculture formed trend Animal husbandry and aquaculture also need environmental protection

At present, China's livestock and poultry farming annual production of 3.8 billion tons of manure. But the comprehensive utilization rate is less than 60%. Livestock and poultry industry emissions of chemical oxygen reached 12,682,600 tons, accounting for 96% of total agricultural emissions.  it Is the important cause of agricultural source pollution. With the strict requirements of environmental protection, animal husbandry and aquaculture industry is facing the closure and transformation of ecological farming, and the relationship between supply and demand of pig, price movements have a certain influence. details consultant


2017 China Biogas Society Academic Annual Meeting / 15th IWA World Anaerobic Digestion Conference

Meeting Time:18th -20th October, 2017

Meeting PlaceBeijing ,China

Meeting Linkdetails consultant

Position Number:07

The 19th China Environmental Exhibition in 2018

Meeting Time3rd -5th May, 2018

Meeting Place:Shanghai, China

Meeting Linkdetails consultant

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