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Jiamusi Sewage Treatment Plant sludge treatment project installation is completed


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Jiamusi Sewage Treatment Plant sludge treatment project installation is completed

Today Environtec complete Jiamusi City sludge treatment plant double membrane gas holder, biogas flare, skid equipment installation and commissioning work. This project can deals with 100 tons of municipal sludge every day which water content of 80%, organic matter content of 40% , using high temperature thermal hydrolysis + anaerobic digestion + plate and frame filtration treatment process. The resulting biogas is mainly supplied with steam for the thermal hydrolysis system. After the filter pressure the solid content of the sludge cake can be up to 50% or more.

Environment Policy

Ministry of Environmental Protection: Notice on the Management of Sludge Permit for Steel and Cement Industry

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice on the management of sludge and sludge in the steel and cement industry. Details as follows:

Provinces, autonomous regions,municipalities Environmental Protection Department (bureau). Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Environmental Protection Bureau: For the implementation on the State Council issued (2016 No.81) requirement ,notice of the General Office of the State Council on distributing the Implementation Plan for the Control of Pollutant Emission Permits. Do a good job in steel, cement industry sludge permit management. details of consultation

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology public collection to speed up the development of environmental equipment manufacture industry guidance

To implement the "China made 2025" and "thirteen five" national strategic emerging industry development plan "deployment and requirements, overall propulsion green color production, guide the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry continuous and healthy development. We reserched and drafted"According to acceleration the development of environmentally friendly equipment manufacturing industry guidance (draft)" (Hereinafter referred to as the "Guidance"),and now we openly solicited  the comments of the community. If have any comments, please submit your written comments to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Energy and Comprehensive Utilization Division by September 5, 2017. details of consultant

Biogas News


Guangxi further strengthen the "illegal cooking oil" governance treatment implementation project

illegal cooking oil generally refers to the use of kitchen waste, meat processing waste and inspection and quarantine unqualified livestock and poultry products and other non-food raw materials production, processing of oil. In recent years, all over the region, the relevant departments in accordance with the unified arrangements for national and autonomous regions, strictly crack down on the kitchen waste as raw materials for sale "illegal cooking oil" illegal acts. Comprehensively strengthen the management of kitchen waste, and explore the kitchen waste to do harmless treatment and resource utilization system. illegal cooking oil get into the table of the problem is better curbed. details of consultant

FOOD WASTE TREATMENT-New oasis of the PPP Industry

EditorSince the 13th Five-year Plan, with the accelerated development of urbanization and the steady improvement of people's living standards, the kitchen and garbage disposal market demand has expanded dramaticallySince the end of 2016, the amount of food waste produced nationwide around 97 million tons per year, with the rapid increase in urban waste,Since the, and the current domestic food waste disposal capacity is far from being able to arrive the actual needs, need further strengthen cooperation with the government and social capital. Using PPP mode to Accelerate the Implementation of related projects.

details of consultant


Investment 2.56 billion Lanzhou City Qilihe Anning sewage treatment plant will be expanded

August 21, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Urban and Rural Construction Bureau.Recently, the city of Lanzhou City sewage treatment plant expansion and expansion of all PPP pre-trial procedures have been completed, and Officially released prequalification notice. It marks the beginning of the project has entered a substantive stage. The whole project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. details of consultant

total investment of 320.8 billion Chengdu 2017 PPP promotion project(Attached contact)

Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued the 2017 government and social capital cooperation (PPP) project promotion announcement.The promotion project this time is 78 total. A total investment of 320.8 billion yuan, Municipal projects 16, a total investment of 156.6 billion yuan. District and county projects 62, a total investment of 164.2 billion yuan of which 16 projects in the field of transportation, with a total investment of 153.4 billion yuan; 37 projects in the municipal engineering field with a total investment of 1112 billion yuan; 14 projects in the field of ecological environmental protection with a total investment of 13.2 billion yuan; 4 projects in the water conservancy area Billion in public service projects, with a total investment of 34.5 billion yuan; 2 projects in the field of information and communication, with a total investment of 3.9 billion yuan. details of consultant

Municipal waste

A total investment of 480 million yuan, China's Tian Ying signed the Jiutai District, Changchun City, waste burning power generation BOT project

It is reformed that on August 21, 2017, China Tian Ying Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Tian Ying" or "Company") issued a notice, The company recently with the Changchun City Jiutai District City Appearance and Environmental Health Authority signed the "Changchun City Jiutai District, living waste incineration power generation BOT project franchise agreement". China Tianying won the bid in Changchun City Jiutai District, waste incineration power generation BOT project on May 25, 2017. Project amount of 480 million yuan, the service life of 30 years. details of consultant

The total amount of over 18 billion! Two solid waste enterprises Everbright International and the Beijing initiative environment of the 2017 "in the first half of the year

From 2016 to 2017, a wave of environmental protection followed by a wave., Environmental market, "new battlefield" also continued to surging. Project bid, signed the agreement, the project put into operation, the company listed, cooperation, mergers and acquisitions. The changes that people overwhelmed. details of consultant


Botian Environment: winning 2.64 billion yuan Daye City wastewater treatment plant PPP project

According to Daye City Government Network announced on August 22, 2017, which issued that "Daye City, northwest industrial wastewater treatment plant PPP project social capital procurement bid publicity" on August 18, 2017.Botian Environment is identified as Daye City, northwest industrial wastewater treatment plant PPP project bid corporation. The estimated total investment of the project is 263.992 million yuan.Details as follows:

Daye City, northwest industrial wastewater treatment plant PPP project social capital procurement bid publicity. details of consultant


Biomass power generation market gradually formed Industry market space will over 140 billion

As China continues to accelerate and utilize the clean energy to promote the potential of the biomass energy market is fully excavated. The formation of the market need the strong competition for related businesses. Recently, the National Energy Bureau issued the evaluation of 2016 annual national biomass energy power generation monitoring. As the basic data in each region of Biomass power generation and grid operation in 2017. details of consultant


The 4th Landfill Leachate Treatment Forum

Meeting Time:21st -22nd September, 2017

Meeting PlaceLiaoning Province, China

Meeting LinkDetails of the consultation

China Biogas Annual Conference 2017

Meeting Time18th -20th October, 2017

Meeting PlaceBeijing, China

Meeting LinkDetails of the consultation

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