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Xinjiang Urumqi Mi Dong solid waste waste comprehensive treatment plant


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Xinjiang Urumqi Mi Dong solid waste waste comprehensive treatment plant

Xinjiang Urumqi Meidong solid waste comprehensive treatment plant project by the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Cape International Investment Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of state-owned holding company-- Urumqi City, Beijing Central Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. investment, construction, operation, the total investment of the project is about 3.584 billion yuan, covers the area of 1.1 million square meters.

Environtec provide double membrane gas holder, flare and other core equipment for the project.

Environment Policy

Policy analyzing: Sewage garbage treatment to attract social capital participation

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice: Government participate in the sewage, garbage Sewage garbage treatment project, fully implementation of government and social capital cooperation(PPP) model, improve the efficiency of government participation and fully attract social capital participation, promote the healthy development of sewage and garbage treatment industry. Details of the consultation

Garbage classification is about to enter the capital market" Fast lane"

With the continuous progress of urbanization, China is facing the problem of urban garbage treatment is also increasingly serious, because the composition of urban garbage is complex, there are differences in processing methods. For example: because the city's food garbage and kitchen garbage are higher in moisture rate and organic substance is suitable for use the fermentation technology during the treatment to make it resource and reduction. However, the daily living garbage of the residents is lower in moisture rate , and some of them are recyclable items, the treatment is suitable for burning after recycing or harmless landfill.

Details of the consultation

Biogas News


Yangtze River Delta kitchen waste cooking oil maximum treatment base 400 tons of illegal cooking oil every day in Jiangsu Yangzhou change into diesel

Yangzhou Jianyan Biological Technology Co., Ltd in Jiangsu Yangzhou chemical industry district, every day there are nearly 20 obviously marked kitchen waste cooking oil collection truck from here into and out, they come from cities around the Yangtze River Delta, the restaurant kitchen waste cooking oi will(commonly known as waste oil) be collected here. And then deep processing into biodiesel. It is Favored by the EU countries. As chemical industry district transformation of large projects. And thus Yangzhou Jianyan Biological Technology Co., Ltd become the Yangtze River Delta's largest and most clean waste cooking oil treatment base. Details of the consultation

Total investment of 1 billion yuan China Tian Ying won the bid for the development and utilization of renewable resources in Lhasa

It is reported that on July 18, 2017, China Tian Ying Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Tian Ying" or "Company") received the tender agency Sichuan Ming and Qing Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. and the tender person Lhasa City Construction Investment Management Co., Ltd. issued a "bid notice". The construction site of the project is in Lhasa., total investment of 1 billion yuan. Content for the corportion to build factory(equipment procurement, equipment commissioning and personnel training, etc.) Details of the consultation


Change roads to overtaking The next decade who can become China's "Veolia, Suez

Over the past decade, seemingly flush, the situation of the environmental protection industry is good, each year maintained a 15% -20% growth rate. But there is still has a gap with so hundreds of billions of world giants such as Veolia and Suez. n the past, Veolia, Suez is the" label", the next ten years, who will become China's "Veolia, Suez", or become more prominent, the greater the environmental company. E20 Chief partner Fu Tao said that in order to go beyond, may not be the original road overtaking, nor is the corners overtaking, there may be change roads to overtaking. Details of the consultation

Ministry of Environmental Protection: 300 billion investment during the year to carry out 3300 water pollution control projects

Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on the evening of 13, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Liuzhou City and so on, 228 urban water pollution prevention and control of the overall implementation of the program into the water pollution control central project reserve (referred to as "central reserve"). Involving more than 3300 specific projects, with a total investment of about 300 billion yuan. details of the consultation


Incinerating the gouged landfill plant waste , whether it is a reasonable means or a waste of resource

Compared to other saturated landfill landfill and closure projects,it is a non-mainstream means of incinerating the landfill plant waste.With this method, many people have been questioned on the Internet,the main question points are concentrate on the cost is repeated and the calorific value is not enough. " Since it has been so expensive to landfill it, and why have to dig out to burn? Dug out the waste also involves the labor costl, machine, transportation costs, where is the meaning of dug out? Details of the consultation

Decrypt Asia's largest Azu Wei Garbage disposal ecological chain

Each large city needs a well-established circulatory system to ensure its sustainability, where waste disposal is an indispensable key link in this circulatory system. Recently, the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter follow the Beijing Municipal Management Committee together into the Asuwei Recycling Economy Region where is located in the junction of the Changping District Baishan Town and Xiaotangshan Town. Disclosed the mystery of Asia's largest waste incineration plant that will be built by the end of this year. And as a fulcrum, throughout what the style of the city of Beijing's waste disposal industry has formed. Details of the consultation


Botian Enviroment won the Hebei Langfang "super industrial sewage pit" treatment project expected in September

In April this year by the media exposure of Hebei Langfang "super industrial sewage pit" With the latest repair plan. Shanghai Securities News reporter exclusive learned from Boshi Environment Group Co., Ltd. Boshi Environment Group Co., Ltd use the government procurement way to obtain "Hebei Langfang Dacheng County South Zhao Fu town sewage pit emergency treatment project". Project amount is expected to more than 60 million yuan. The project will involve multiple fields of sewage, sludge treatment and soil remediation. It is expected that low-concentration and high-concentration wastewater treatment in the project is expected to be completed by the end of July and the end of this year. Detailed of the consultation


liaoning use corn resources change into biomass energy. Expected annual operating income of 2.152 billion yuan.

Recently, liaoning SDIC group Tieling producted 300,000 tons of fuel ethanol project every year is started construction In the Diaobingshan Economic Development Region, the new energy industry district. The project is jointly invested by Guotou Biotech Investment Co., Ltd. and Tiefa Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. Total investment of 3.99 billion yuan. we Plan to put into operation in August 2018. Detailed o the consultation


The 4th Landfill Leachate Treatment Forum

Meeting Time:21st -22nd September, 2017

Meeting Place:Liaoning Province, China

Meeting Link: Details of the consultation

China Biogas Annual Conference 2017

Meeting Time:18th -20th October, 2017

Meeting Place: Beijing, China

Meeting Link: Details of the consultation

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