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    Chiller & Booster SKID

    EnvironTec biogas cold-dry pressurization system, usually installed behind digester or double-membrane gas holder, makes biogas pressurized to a certain pressure(such as 10-20Kpa)and dehumidified to a certain humidity (such as80%),and then drives biogas boiler, biogas torch or biogas generator to run efficiently.

    SKID biogas cold-dry supercharging system adopts skid-mounted design, which integrates the functions of drying and dewatering,filtering and impurity removal, frequency conversion supercharging and safety protection, and is convenient for installation and debugging.



    Constant pressure self-control function-increasing biogas pressure to a stable value.

    Dust removal function-reduce the content of solid impurities such as dust.

    Dehumidification function-reduce the relative humidity of gas to 70%.

    Stainless steel parts,anti-corrosion treatment,ensure the service life of the equipment.

    The equipment is mainly of modular design, which is convenient for transportation, installation, maintenance and specification amplification.

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