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    Dry Type Desulphurization
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    EnvironTec DT Dry Type Desulphurization is a simple, cost-effective and high-efficiencytechnology, which is usually usedfor low H2S inlet concentrationless than2,000ppm. It can be combined with biologicalscrubberfor higher H2S concentrationtreatment.



    The dry type desulphurization consists of stainless steeltank,filling mass, inlet and outlet hoppers, lifting device, double air tightness valves, pressure andtemperature gauges, etc.

    Desulfurizationtankis usually designedinoneuseand onestandby. The standby tankis put into use when another tankhas to be bypassed toreplacethefillings. Environtec has specialfillinginlet and outletwith double air tightness valves design, whichmeansthefillingmass can be replaced continuouslywithout down time.


    The raw biogasgoes fromthetopof desulfurization tank through thefilling mass(Fe2O3.H2O), with followingchemicalreaction.

    Fe2O3?H2O + 3 H2S=Fe2S3+ 4 H2O

    Fe2S3+ 3/2 O2+ 3 H2O=Fe2O3?H2O + 2 H2O + 3 S

    EnvironTec DT is designed with proper biogas speed and line speed. The inlet biogas firstly reacts with the bottom high load filling mass to remove most part of H2S. Then the bigas goes to the upper part with relatively cleaning filling mass for further fine treatment. If thedesulphurizationfilling mass changes its color,or if the pressure loss is too big, thedesulphurizationfilling mass need to be replaced with new one.

    It is necessary to install a condensate trap or gravel filter before the dry type desulphurization toseparatecondensate water and prevent potentially back flame.

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