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    EnvironTec FA flare was firstly designed by ENTEC in Austria (since 1992). The early application was designed for agricultural farm projects. In 2012, EnvironTec was selected as the main flare supplier for the project of "China Rural Energy Ecological Construction" which was financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

    Due to the outstanding market performance, EnvironTec was invited by ISO / TC255 / WG2 working group to provide expert advice for the Flare ISO standard.



    Emergency Flare (FAII )

    An emergency flare is always necessary when there are excessive biogas, or during maintenance period of the biogas plant. EnvironTec FAII flare is designed for best cost-effective.

    Continuous Flare (FAIII)

    To meet environmental emission requirement of certain projects, the biogas is mandatory to be burned off all the time. EnvironTec FAIII is designed for contentious burning 24 hours a day.

    High-Pressure Flare (FAIV)

    High-Pressure Flare is used in projects that biogas pressure is very low, or sometimes with negative pressure like the Landfill job site.


    The control unit consists of Siemens PLC  which can realize the function of automatic control via gas holder level signal, pipe pressure signal, and remote control signal. The operating signals i.e. operating, malfunction, valve open etc., can be transferred to the upper control centre.

    A standard PLC ignition command includes 5 times ignition attempts. In a normal combustion process, if the flame extinguished, the flare can automatically recognize it and starts the next ignition cycle immediately. A malfunction signal is given after failure of 5 times ignition attempts. Malfunction status can be reset on site or via remote control.

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