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    ENVIRONTEC is renowned in the area of MunicipalWastewater and sludge treatment. For example,EnvironTec has taken part in most of the sludge digestion projects all over China. Below are some of the references:


    Zhengzhou New Area WWTP Sludge Treatment Project

    Zhengzhou New Area sludge treatment project serves more than 1 million people. It is the China's seventh million tons-large-scale sewage treatment plant. Zhegnzhou project has won the "National Quality Award Project" of the year of 2018-2019. EnvironTec cooperates with Veolia and provides Double Membrane Gas Holder, Desulphurization, Flare and Filter technology. The 5,000 m3gas holders (2 set) have been a great landscape around local area.

    Part of the performance

    ·Beijing Qinghe's Second Reclaimed Water plant project

    ·Xi'an 5th WWTP

    ·ChangchaWWTP Sludge project

    ·Qingdao Expo Sludge Project

    ·KunmingMain AreasWWTP

    ·Taiwan Taoyuan AreaSludge Treatment Project

    ·Tianjian Jinnan Sludge Plant

    ·Qinhuangdao Beidaihe NewArea WWTP

    ·Beijing GaobeidianWWTP Advanced Sludge DigestionProject

    ·Beijing XiaohongmenWWTP Sludge Treatment Project

    ·Zhenjiang Sludge Treatment Project

    ·Zhengzhou New Area WWTP Sludge Treatment Project

    ·Matougang WWTP Sludge Treatment Project

    ·Mudanjiang WWTP Sludge Treatment Project

    ·JiamusiWWTPSludge Treatment Project

    ·Lijiang Sludge Treatment Project

    ·Lu'An WWTPSludge Treatment Project

    ·Tianjin WWTP in Beicang

    ·Qingdao WWTP in Maidao

    ·Inner Mongolia WWTP in Xinxinban

    ·Haikou Baishamen WWTP  (Veolia)


    ·Nianghai Sludge Treatment Project

    ·Qingdao Haibohe WWTP

    ·Wuhai East and West Lake WWTP

    ·Henan Suixian 3rd WWTP

    ·Pantai 2th WWTP in Malaysia

    ·Bunus WWTP in Malaysia

    ·Shan Alam WWTP in Malaysia

    ·Bayan Baru WWTP in Malaysia

    ·WWTP in Philippines

    ·Lianyungang Wastewater Plant

    ·Suixian Wastewater Plant

    ·Wuhan Wastewater Plant


    Pantai 2th WWTP in Malaysia

    Pantai 2th WWTP is the first underground sewage plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    It serves 1.43 million people In this project,EnvironTec cooperates with PURAC and provides Biological Scrubber, Double Membrane Gas Holder, Flare, etc.

    Xi'an 5th WWTP

    EnvironTec has won the bidding of Xi'an 5th WWTP project which is financed by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), and provided a complete line of biogas treatment products including: Double Membrane Gas Holder, Chemical Scrubber, Dry Type Desulfurization, Flare, Filters and so on.


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