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    Anaerobic fermentation technology i.e. UASB, IC, EGSB, CSTR, USR, etc. have been widely used in the area of industrial waste water treatment. Experiences show that food fermentation industry, alcohol industry, paper industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and tobacco industry, etc., have a relatively high efficiency of biogas production.

    More and more industrial clients start to consider the usage of biogas as energy rather than burning it down with a flare. Of course, every end-user will calculate the initial investment, operation cost and rate of return of investment (ROI).  If the "Biogas Supply Chain" can provide a reliable process, compact equipment, lower cost, biogas projects will become more profitable so that more clients are willing to invest. EnvironTec is undertaking such a role to make a virtuous circle occur.双膜气柜

    Environtec has cooperated with many industrial users and also engineering companies. Below are parts of the references:

    ·Shanghai Tobacco Group Taicang Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Zhangjiagang Richu Chemical Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Cargill Food Wastewater Treatment Project

    ·Guangdong Weimeixian Food Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Shanghai Ziyan Foods Industry Wastewater Project

    ·TongYi Food (Luohe) Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Bright Dairy Wastewater Project

    ·Qinhuangdao Tianma Wine Industry Wastewater Treatment Project

    ·Yili Chuanning Biotechnology (Kelun pharmaceutical) Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·APP-China paper Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Yihai Kerry (Dongguang) Starch Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Guangdong Jinye Tobacco Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·ROQUETTE Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Huangshi Shixing pharmaceutical Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·MARS Food Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Dongguan Jianghang Paper Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·King Paper (Taiwan) Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·China Resources Snow Beer (Harbin) Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Thailand Union Paper Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Coca-Cola(heilongjiang/yunnan)Drinks Wastewater Project

    ·Xufeng (Dongguan) Paper Industrial Wastewater Project

    ·Anhui Menovo Pharmaceutical Wastewater Project

    ·Vietnam Zhenglong Pingyang Paper Wastewater Project

    ·Malaysia Palm Oil Wastewater Project

    ·Ping'an Paper Wastewater Project

    ·Ningbo Green Health Wastewater Project双膜气柜91香蕉视频苹果下载火炬

    In the construction of Voith Dongguan Jianhang Paper Co., Ltd. expansion project, Environtec provide double membrane gas holder and continuous burning flare, such as Shanghai Tobacco waste water treatment project, Netherlands Paques company provide efficient IC anaerobic technology, Environtec provide double membrane gas holder and flare combustion technique.

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